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    How do I get fonts in fixed layout epubs to work on different plattforms?




      I work with a newspaper that will be distributed on different platforms, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. I work in InDesign CC on Mac and all fonts I use are licensed. When I export the fixed layout epub works perfectly in Adobe Digital Edition 4 and iBooks on the Mac. It also works well in iBooks on iOS. But then it stops. The fonts are refusing to display properly on Android (Gitdenreader) or Windows (Adobe Digital Edition 4). They are replaced by standard fonts such as Times and Arial.


      To make it even more strange. When I create a document in InDesign CC on Windows and export a ebup with fixed layout it will not display correctly in Adobe Digital Editions on Windows. But the same file works in Adobe Digital Editions on the Mac.


      Has anyone come up with a solution how to get embedded fonts from InDesign CC on Mac to display properly on Android and Windows?


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