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    LR CC/6 Upgrade and Purchase


      I currently have LR 5.7 on a PC desktop and laptop.  I recently purchased a Dell 2 in 1 laptop/tablet. My goal is to get LR CC/6 on all three machines. My first question is, can LR CC be downloaded on 3 machines under one subscription?  If not, I am making the assumption that it can be on at least 2 as with LR 5. In that case could I upgrade to LR 6 on one machine and join LR CC on the other two? If I were to upgrade to LR 6 could I do so by downloading it to the 2 in 1 machine using my 5.7 serial number even though the 2 in 1 has no version of LR on it? Additionally, I understand that updates will be automatic under LR CC. Will there be updates provided to LR 6 if it is not part of LR CC?