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    Automation of Changing Tags


      I have several documents that I need to make accessible to screen readers.  These documents have a lot of empty Paragraph (P) tags that I need to convert to artifacts and then delete the empty Paragraph tags.  I also need to break out the bullets from lists (LI tags) and move them to Labels.  I didn't really see any way to use Actions to get this done.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          CtDave Level 6

          Not possible using an Acrobat Action.

          You'll have to work in the PDF's structure tree and do the remediation manually.

          Suggest frequent "save as" to an incrementing file name (file -- file01 -- filenn) as there is no "undo".


          A frequent cause of "P" tags with no content is the use of the Enter / Return key in the authoring file to provide white space. j

          If, in the authoring application, appropriate whitespace above / below an authoring application's Headings and Styles is used then any use of Enter / Return does only what it is meant to.

          That is to "carriage return" to start a new paragraph of text flow.


          Be well...

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            olafdruemmer Level 3

            If you have to do this more than occasionally, you could use the Acrobat plug-in "pdfaPilot" from callas software – it allows you to remove all empty group and block level tags with the click of a button, or even in batch mode (for all PDFs in a given folder).  It also helps you with artifacting any content not referenced by the structure tree and a bunch of other tasks, again, with a click of a button. [Disclaimer: I work for callas software, my views on our products might be biased ;-) ]