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    How do you save a PDF as a single layer

    claire-m Level 1

      I have uploaded a multi-page PDF to a website and it is not displaying correctly (the 'read online' version, the download version works fine).


      When you view the PDF some of the text shows up, some doesn't, images aren't showing up, and some of the fonts are displayed as other fonts.


      Web support say it is an issue with the PDF layers. 


      For info - the pages are made up separately, rather than as one document (they go to a printer that way). I then combine then using adobe to create a single PDF made up of around 20 pages.


      Is there a way I can save the PDF (either each original file - yes I have access to the file pre-export; or the multi-page doc) with the layers flattened. I'm hoping to do this within Indesign or Adobe, than have to download separate software?


      Thanks in advance