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    Precise triggering and targeting using labels?

    Damgood AVLien Level 1

      Can I target a label on the main timeline from inside a symbol? I want to create symbols that have functionality in them to be triggered by labels on the main timeline. The API reference doesn't give super-specific examples or syntax for precise targeting like this (unless I missed it). I'm just getting my feet wet with JavaScript, so it may be a simple thing that I haven't got my head around yet.


      I want to think that I can do something like:


      sym.getComposition().getStage("labelOnStageTimeline").getSymbol("symbolName").play("theLab elToPlayInSym");


      ...but that doesn't work. I'm guessing that the solution is something like:


      if (sym.getComposition().getStage("labelOnStageTimeline")){




      ...but I haven't had time to test this ! !.