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    Is there another way to make audio play more quickly on mobile devices?


      I’m having loading delays on the audio in my project and want to improve the speed time. The approach for playing the audio is using Actions on the symbol to play the audio. We are doing it this way because this project is going to be interactive over the web. The ideal interactions is when a user clicks it plays the audio in sync with the animation.

      This Edge Animate project is more for e-learning and involves clicking on different sections on a body diagram so the user can see and hear information on each body part. When a user clicks on a body part it shows an animation of the body part and plays audio. If the user clicks on the body part before the audio ends, it stops the audio. If the user clicks on multiple body parts, it plays audio from the last body part selected.

      This is the actions, being used on the symbol.

      //This pauses the audio after 15 seconds

      1. sym.getComposition().getStage().getSymbol("backgroundplusaudiosym").play(000);

      //This plays from a section in the audio file.

      1. sym.getComposition().getStage().$("serviceareasaudio")[0].currentTime = 95;
      2. sym.getComposition().getStage().$("serviceareasaudio")[0].play();


      This project was published for the web and plays from Adobe Connect. Please ask me any questions because I really want to find a quicker solution.