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    Filmstrip Not Working in CC 2015

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      Since updating my Lightroom to CC 2015, the filmstrip doesn't work. This makes it hit or miss to develop a picture because "nothing is selected." The usual fixes didn't help: I uninstalled Lightroom with the uninstall app, deleted all prefs, reintalled it and created a new catalog instead of updating an old one. I see there is supposed to be an update today (2015.1), but Lightroom CC doesn't show the version number anymore, so I can't tell if I have the latest version; the build is 1014445.

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          I have the same issue. In the Library module with loupe view, click on the photo in the filmstrip: no effect on the photo displayed. If I hover the mouse over the photo in the filmstrip, then the photo is displayed in the navigator, and the photo name changes in the top line of the filmstrip.

          However, if I click on the keyword badge in the filmstrip, then the photo in the loupe view changes to the one I select. The photo selected is not highlighted in the filmstrip however.

          Same behaviour in the develop module.

          Version 2015.1 installed today has not corrected this bug.

          I am using the PC version under Windows 8.1.