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    Noticing several quirks using lightroom 2015 cc (lr 6), that I wanted to report and see how to fix/circumvent:


      1.  when using the crop tool, radial filter or graduated filter and trying to adjust positioning I often (but not always), get a "processing circle" and a pop up menu (equivelent to what I'd see with a right mouse click, and then I can't grab the tool to make adjustments.. Most often trying again  and it eventually works.


      2.  Trying to select several images and move them ie to a collection or a different folder I can do the select either with ctrl key or shift and select a span then when I go to click the selection to drag it the selection reverts to a single image (where I clicked).  making it impossible to move multiple images at a time.

      3.  Using the publishing feature after a time the menu line that says items to be published, published photos disappears, have to restart lightroom to get it back.


      For background, I am running a windows 7 64 bit service pack 1,   with 16 gb memory, an intel i7-4770 3.5 gb processor(s) a 256 gb ssd a 2 tb internal harddrive and lr cc 2015.0.1 and a amd r7-200 gpu I had to download new drivers and the gpu is now being used and apparently working.


      are these known problems?  are fixes emminent?  are there any workarounds?





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