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    Compression of HDR DNG Files


      The HDR files I created in Lightroom are pretty big - around 90 mb. My computer doesn't do well with files that big so I tried to make them smaller by running the Convert to DNG option with Lossy Compression checked. There was no change in the size of the file. How do I make the HDR files smaller and more manageable without losing too much information?



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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Normal DNG files from raw images are 1-color-per-pixel and can be compressed using lossy compression. 


          HDR-DNG files are 3-colors-per-pixel 16-bit floating point so cannot be compressed using the normal lossy compression which is why you’re not seeing a change. 


          The HDR-DNGs should be the same pixel dimensions as your original raws, so it is unclear what about them is affecting performance.