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    I'm looking a machine with the following specs . . . Is this enough to use creative cloud - specifically Ae and Premiere pro?


      I'm looking a machine with the following specs . . . Is this enough to use CC well - specifically After Effects and Premiere pro? I really wanted to go Apple, but I didn't want an I-mac (I already have a monitor that I love), and I keep hearing that the MacMini is not going to work - even with the i7 processor and 16 gigs of RAM, this machine is more powerful, and the same price, so I can stick with Windows if that is the case, but again, is this really enough? Is the video card the right one? I am checking to insure there is room for a second and possibly a third hard drive as well. I also will be checking with the manufacturer to make sure that I can expand to 64 GB RAM or even 128 GB if I want to later.


      I appreciate any and all advice, but I am a total newbie. I have 12 years of NLE experience, but I've never built my own rig - so to speak, A lot of the real nitty gritty is still foreign to me, so if you could dumb it down, that would be awesome!


      Windows 8.1 64

      3rd Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4820K processor quad-core [3.7GHz, 10MB Shared Cache]

      32GB DDR3-1600MHz [4 DIMMs]

      4GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 745 [DVI, HDMI, DP, DVI to VGA adapter]

      Integrated Sound, Envy Audio; Beats Audio

      16GB SSD Disk Cache

      3TB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive


      No Secondary HDD


      HP WLAN 802.11 b/g/n


      15-in-1 Multi-slot Media Card Reader, 4 USB Ports (Front/Top), Audio [Front 2USB2.0, Top 2USB3.0]