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    What to use as tooltip?

    Danny Occoquan Level 1

      How much information should be included in tooltips for an accessible PDF form? All the examples I've seen have short question text on the form, e.g., "How do you feel about checkboxes?" with a tooltip for the field that repeats the question.


      But what about for technical questionnaires, where a lengthy (e.g., 3-sentence) question is followed by a text field for the response? What sort of tooltip should the text field have? Does it need to repeat the entire question? Or just something generic like "Enter your response here"? Summarizing the question isn't an option since nuances of wording are important.


      Or, say, a lengthy question followed by a numbered list of items, each a sentence long with a yes/no radio button group. What sort of tooltip should the radio buttons have?


      I also asked this in the forms forum, but it's really an accessibility question.



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          CtDave Level 6

          Doesn't need to repeat the textual question. As part of the PDF's page content this is supposed to be properly tagged. As such it'll be properly processed by AT.


          MY 2 cents - I think you've already identified potential text.

          The "followed by a text field for the response".  Word smith that.

          This'll tell the end-user what the field is for.


          fwiw --  For PDF, "accessibility" is a Standard.

          Specifically, for a PDF to be "accessible" it must be ISO 14289-1, PDF/UA-1 compliant.
          Accessible PDF starts with  PDF/UA-1.

          PDF/UA-1 is intended as a companion standard, to be used  in conjunction with ISO 32000, ISO 19005, ISO 15930, WCAG 2.0 and other standards  and guidance.


          Be well...