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    Intel Xeon with DDR3 vs Intel i7 with DDR4


      Hi everyone,


      I need to upgrade my old HP Z200 workstation because my CPU is not enough for GH4 footage. In the task manager, CPU is often A100%...

      But I'm not sure what is the best, a new Xeon or i7.


      I don't know if it's better to change my motherboard and my CPU for an Intel Xeon E5-2620v2@2,1GHz keeping my existing 16Go DDR3 ECC memory or changing my motherboard for an Intel i7 5820K@3,3 GHz and buying new 16Go DDR4 non ECC memory.

      The solution 2 is a little more expensive but it doesn't matter if this outperform the solution 1.


      Both CPU are 6 cores and 15Mo cache. Hope this will be better than my Xeon X3450@2,67Ghz Quad Core


      And sorry for my english, I'm from France

      Thanks for your help,


      Best Regards,