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    Shift and control keys, and selection arrow not working in the document window


      I'm going crazy trying to fix this. Yesterday I went to lunch when I came back I saw my machine had restarted. I also noticed that Safari did an update. I also saw that besides the update the machine showed that it crashed. Immediately after I opened up Fireworks as I always do only to find that my document window selection was no longer working properly. Shift select would not select more than one object and often times selecting an object on the screen FW would not let go of the selection unless I did command D.


      I did a ton of investigation trying to fix this issue. Outside of FW my shift and control keys work as expected and inside fireworks layer panel it works as expected, it is only in the Document window that things are messed up. I even opened Illustrator to see if I had a similar problem there and found no issues.


      Anyone else experienced this? And if so has anyone found a solution? I am desperate for a fix.



      Extra info - Part of my trouble shooting:

      I turned off all extensions - didn't work

      Besides the Safari update, the only other machine change yesterday was that  I installed Google's music player plugin.