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    i am unable to re-install InDesignCS6. I've spent hours on the phone and in chats with Adobe, but the installation fails everytime. Photoshop and Illustrator are fine. But I am baffled why InDesign fails to install. Anyone have any ideas?


      Apparently there was a problem with my InDesign CS6 program. I uninstalled it properly but have not been able to re-install it. I've downloaded new files and the machines goes through all the steps correctly. But then I get the error message that the program was not able to be installed. I have no problem with other Adobe products. I am getting frantic: I have a large project due soon and it requires InDesign. Help!

      I am using Windows 7 on a PC. I even turned off McAfee (but turned it back on) during my feeble attempts.


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