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    A script for making all my layers into individual live paint groups?

    malinn6934325 Level 1


      I'm a student of architecture and I often bring in my drawings from AutoCAD to Illustrator in order to color them / adjust lines. A file from CAD can often times have 30+ layers (one for exterior walls, one for interior walls, one for windows, one for furniture and so on). When I want to apply live paint to a layer I have to select it and click alt+ctrl+X which is not that much work but when you have to do it 20 times in the beginning of each drawing it becomes a bit of a hazzle.


      I am wondering if someone know of or can create a script that can turn all my layers (or at least the ones selected) into individual live paint groups? I know I can select all of them using target select and click on live paint but that creates ONE live paint group with all my layers. I want all my 30 layers turned into 30 different live paint groups just by running a script.


      Does anyone know?