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    Help please

      I need some flash help. Really basic stuff. Quite new to flash so just have a couple of questions with the actionscript of a flash site I'm creating. Could anyone willing to help please contact me via Private message? I don't want to upload the .fla to the public. Thanks.
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          Shandy Elliott
          Why so secretive? You will have better results if you either describe the problem or upload the Fla. If you are new to Flash, I highly doubt you would have anything in the Flash file that would be of any value to others (if you are worried about people taking something from your Flash file).
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            Sketchsta Level 1
            Just post the problem you are having and people here wil help, thats how this forum works.
            PLUS.. other people might have the same problem, so they can just read the posts for help instead of posting the same question all over the forum..

            You have nothing to worry about, like Shan-Dysigns said, If you are new to Flash, IT IS HIGHLY DOUBTFULL that it would be of any use to anyone here..
            But the help YOU DO GET from here, WILL be usefull to others having similar problems..
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              DazFaz Level 1
              Noooooooooooo dont post it as I might well nick your idea and make millions of pounds and retire to my private island in the sun.