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    2 x Project Files created WHY?

      OK - here's a good one for a Sunday Morning.
      Firstly let me tell you that when this is printed it's over 600pages.
      I'd completed this project last night - about a months work. When I tried to load the project file i received the "unable to open project message" - project files created earlier that day were all fine and could be opened (these were "backed-up" copies).
      Now then I looked into the folder there were 2!! projects present in the same folder, one about 2Mb in size, and the second only 2kb. So you'd think that the former would be the correct one - but this gave the aforementioned error message.
      Now here's the odd thing. If I renamed the 2kb version, eg instead of MYPROJECT it was MYPROJECTPENGUIN, and then ran that one everything worked perfectly.
      However if I swapped this idea - I got the same error.
      OK - now I can't figure out why on earth this happened...............HELP!!!