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    Lightroom 6 freezes after launch. New upgrade.


      I upgraded form LR 4 to standalone LR 6. No problems installing or upgrading. Now when I launch LR the entire program appears and then just freezes. Eventually I get a program not responding message. So far I have:

      1) deleted the SLcache folder

      2) re-installed the program

      3) saw a message on the support forum that says there is a 6.0.1 update I should install from the update menu. But since the program freezes I can't do that. I am NOT a CC subscriber so I can't update from the CC desktop app either.

      4) contacted Adobe chat "support" who said they don't do tech support via chat and I should post my problem on the forums. So here I am.

      5) used words to describe this frustration which my wife says I must now wash my mouth out with soap.


      please help