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    setStyle of specific combobox item

      Im trying to create a combobox that makes the text of a specific item a specific color and bold.

      I know i could do this with ALL the items in the list through something like:
      view_comboBox.setStyle("color", 0xFFFFFF);

      I want to only do it for a specific item in my list. How would i go about doing this? There has to be some way to do this.

      I know since the combobox uses the list class too if i recall correctly you could do this to change the background color of a specific item and add a icon to it next to it by doing the following:

      setPropertiesAt(2, {backgroundColor:0xFF0000, icon: "file"});

      My only issue is that it only supports those two properties and not changing the text color. Is there some workaround to make it so i can change the text color of a specific item either by using the list class which is inherited by my combobox or through the combobox class?