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    PE13 stop Auto Color from changing every few seconds (apply same correction to whole clip)

    steveb31135325 Level 1

      Auto Color is driving me crazy. It does an excellent job for a few seconds, then shifts to a totally different correction which gives me horrible colors, only to shift back to perfect colors a few seconds later. It will do this dozens of times throughout the clip. Is there a way to stop Auto Color from being so "jumpy"? If not, is there a way to find out what color corrections were applied to a certain segment of a clip, so I can set them manually for the whole clip?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          I have not figured out a way to reveal the individual auto color settings under Adjust Tab/Color Panel.


          But the Color Panel expanded More selected does give opportunities for keyframing the Hue, Lightness, Saturation, and Vibrance.

          Have you seen that and tried to work with it?


          Also, once you click Auto Color under Adjust Tab/Adjustments Palette/Color Panel expanded, you will get an opportunity at the Timeline level for Auto Color

          Temporal Smoothing (seconds)

          Scene Detect

          Black Clip

          White Clip

          Snap Neutral Midtones

          Blend with Originals


          I will think about this some more in the morning, but right now not seeing a way to get Auto Color to give up is color adjustment parameters. According to the Premiere Elements Effects Reference document,



          Auto Color, Auto Contrast, and Auto Levels 


          Use Auto Color, Auto Contrast, and Auto Levels to make quick global adjustments to a clip. Auto Color adjusts the contrast and color of a clip by neutralizing the midtones and placing a limit on the range of the white and black pixels. Auto Contrast adjusts the overall contrast and mixture of colors without introducing or removing color casts. Auto Levels automatically corrects the highlights and shadows. Because Auto Levels adjusts each color channel individually, it may remove or introduce color casts, which are tints to a clip. Each effect has one or more of the following properties: