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    Can Someone Please Help, All Pics Aren't Downloading!!


      I shot a very important event over the past weekend and now have several pictures that will not import into Lightroom 5.  I have never had this problem in the past so have no idea what would be causing it.


      I am getting an error message that says "Some import operations were not performed.  The files are not recognized by the raw format support in Lightroom."


      Does anyone have any idea why this would all of the sudden be happening, other pics from this same card are importing just fine but what is remaining will not, they do pull up into the first menu where you get to see what is on the memory card and can select exactly what you want to import fully but when I highlight those photos and click in "import" I eventually get this message.  No idea why.


      If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it, really needs these files!!!

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          What is the exact version of LR you are using?

          What camera are files from?

          Raw or JPG?

          Are you using a card reader or directly connecting the camera?

          Are some of the files getting imported or are all failing?

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            ryanf36216790 Level 1



            Thanks so much for responding so quickly but I was able to figure out what the problem was.


            I was shooting the Oaks and Kentucky Derby and Nikon has a merchandise booth setup so I took out a new Nikon 750 to try it out, apparently the version of Lightroom 5 I "was" using did not support this camera and that is what I used to shoot the pictures that were not downloading.  I downloaded the most recent version of Lightroom 5 (5.7) which does recognize this new model and now it is downloading everything just fine.  I was about to freak out, those were some very important photos!! 


            To answer your questions I at the time was using Lightroom 5 (5.4) and shooting with the new Nikon 750, I always shoot raw.  I just connect the camera directly to the computer's USB port, I don't use a card reader although I probably should. 


            Again thanks for responding so quickly!!!