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    Why is the tick symbol not implemented

    Jeffrey Timothy Valerie

      Dear Adobe Community Forum


      I would like to know if I am the only person that has requested this feature.

      If there is something I have missed, like having to be a paid customer, wouldn't it be polite to tell me or implement a feature, pop-up or the likes to inform and direct me.


      This is simply irresponsible that the importance of this feature is not featured or we are not told if we can or cannot receive this on a mobile device and why not when it is featured on the PC/MAC applications.

      Am sure that Adobe must know how important this feature is when it comes to filling out forms, the amount of times the tick symbol will be used.


      All this shows is that this application which claims to be mobile, is not mobile, seeing though filling in all the text boxes is possible one still had to save the document, then come back to complete the document on a PC/MAC device.


      So the event of being mobile, in or not in business, what ever was important in real time, cannot be implemented in real time reality.


      Am sure I have already spoken about this subject and am wondering how detrimental this would be to government and business documents and their daily functions for their days at opening times.


      I look forward to any replies and if our moderators are at liberty to bring this to the mobile board.


      We do use a lot of documentation here in the UK, with grammar.