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    LR CC backup seems slow compared to LR5

    John Blaustein Level 4



      I am using LR CC on Windows 7.




      16GB RAM

      LR catalog and backup folder on SSD with 300GB of free space.


      LR catalog:

      36,982 photos

      .lrcat file: 770MB

      Previews folder is 47.5GB


      I have LR set to backup every time I exit the program.  Backup times are as follows:


      With test integrity and optimize catalog checked: 1:44 ( 1 minute, 44 seconds)

      With the two options unchecked: 1:10 (1 minute, 10 seconds)


      The progress bar moves quickly at first then goes very slowly for the last ~20% of the bar.


      This seems quite a bit slower than what I remember it taking in LR5.


      Do these backup times seem reasonable for this size catalog?


      Thank you.