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    Passing regular values into a CFC?

      While I've used CF for many years, I've never completely gotten into CFCs (yet -- am working on it now!)... anyway, I'm working on modifying both CFOpenChat and Canvas to work with some of my sites, and it requires the passing in of a numerical value called #siteid# (I'll spare you the reasoning for this, just trust me).

      So I modified the SQL in the CFCs and added the appropriate column in their tables for it, but I get the error that #siteid# is undefined.

      There is no clearly defined place (that I can see) where I can pass this value into the CFC via CFINVOKE, particularly since both are instantiated using CreateObject. The #siteid# variable is used on every page in my application, and is created by my Application.cfm file.

      I know that in a module, I would call it attributes.siteid and all would be good. I'll admit I haven't tried this yet with the CFC, but I figure that isn't quite what is needed.

      Any suggestions on what to look for so I can pass this value? Once I get it in there, I think things will work the way I want.