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    Indesign - incrementing heading numbers


      Good morning/afternoon (depending on where you are in the world)


      Can anyone PLEASE help with the following issue:


      I have created a number of separate Indesign Files (ten in total) for a manual I have been writing. Currently, each file starts with the heading numbering 1. In other words, I have a section that might look like:


      1     Size Change

      1.1.1   xxxxxxx

      1..1.2  xxxxxxx

      1.1.3   xxxxxxx


      1.2. Size Change Overview


      1.3  Size Change Procedure


      The problem is that each of my ten or so files start with the same numbering system, which is fine for individual files, but will be problematic when I want to combine the files into ONE manual. When the files are combined I would like the numbering to increment for each file (or chapter) to reflect the order of the chapters -  For example:


      Chapter 2

      2     Size Change

      2.1.1   xxxxxxx

      2.1.2  xxxxxxx


      2..2 Size Change Overview


      2.3 Size Change Procedure

      2.3.1  xxxxxxxxxxx


      Chapter 3

      3    Size Change

      3.1   xxxxxxx

      2.2  xxxxxxx


      3.2 Size Change Overview


      3.2.1 Size Change Procedure

      3.2.2  xxxxxxxxxxx

      etc etc


      How can I make the numbering system increment for each section (or chapter), so section 1 numbering starts at 1, section 2 starts at 2, section 3 starts ast 3 etc.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance,



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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          For Chapters to work you need to have all the Chapters as separate files, then use the File>New Book option and import all your files into the book panel.


          Then the Numbering options you can use the "Chapter" number and it should update with the correspoding chapter that it is.

          In the numbering options dialog you can select chapter number from the option, or type in ^H



          For it to work in a file that is combined and you have different sections, you need to insert a Section numbering in the Numbering options.

          Text code for a Section number is ^J


          But you have to have your document starting new sections throughout.


          InDesign Help | Numbering pages, chapters, and sections