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    Pixelated images in LR Book Module


      I am using LR4 Book Module.  Three images out of about 60 appear pixelated.  These particular images are nearly full image, i.e. about 4000X6000.  In the Library and Develop Modules, the  they appear sharp.  If I zoom to fill cell, then reverse, they become sharper but revert if I go to another module and return.  Any idea about what is causing this?  Will it affect the prints as they appear in the book?  Could it be a preview issue? 

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          thedigitaldog MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Sounds like a preview issue to me. If you see a clean appearance at 1:1, you're probably OK. More info about the system might help. You could try exporting as a PDF and examining those pages before you order a book, just to be on the safe side. If they look good in the PDF, I suspect you just have some preview issue.

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            H2020 Level 1

            Thank you, thedigitaldog.  It was clean at 1:1 in LR Library.  Your suggestion of looking at a PDF was good.  When I did that it seemed clean although not as sharp as the image in LR Library.  I assume it is because the PDF must have some kind of compression.


            Noticed also that when I went back to the Book Module, zooming in and then restoring to the original image size made the image super sharp.  This is what probably got me on this issue in the first place.  So I think your point that it is likely a preview issue could be correct.  Do you have a hypothesis as to why it would appear sharper everytime after zooming and restoring?


            I'm using a MacBook Pro with Retina screen, 2880X1800, so pretty good resolution.  When I go to System Info in LR, it lists the display as 1440X900.  Any idea if this needs to be corrected and if so, how to do it?

            Thank you for your help.