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    Find whole words with Grep Style

    therodee Level 1

      Hi, need a little help with this, can't figure it out.


      I need to find certain words within one paragraph style. I've created a character style "make bold" and want paraghaph style "ainesosat" to use that when certain words are in the paragraph.


      the words are for example

      Rasvaton maitojauhe






      I know that I can find these with this string:

      Rasvaton maitojauhe|Maitojauhe|Juustojauhe|Kerma|Voi


      but I don't want to find for example:


      - includes "Voi"


      Also the words might start with capital letter or not. I can of course dublicate the string and make both, with and without capitals but if there's a better solution for it, I'd be happy to hear...