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    Note to Adobe on difficulties in re-installing PRE12.           8th of May 2015



      Note to Adobe on difficulties in re-installing PRE12.                        8th of May 2015






      Dear Sir/Madam. (kglad)




      In continuation of your mail dated April 1. "Downloading, Installing, Setting UP PRE12", I shall hereby revert to our attempts to follow your instruction. We have not yet come through. My computer is a Windows PC, Dual core, 3 GHz, Windows 7, harddrive 0,3+2 TB, 8 GB RAM.




      On January 5th 2014 I bought and downloaded from Adobe the PRE12 version in Swedish with the above license number (see attached "number.txt"), and despite minor initial troubles it all worked. In February this year my PC started showing problems with blue screen (Windows) and the programme crashed several times in connection with recording from my DV camera. An authorised dealer suggested we moved some files from the C-drive to an E-drive (1 TB), where many of my Adobe projects were saved. During this process (I do not know exactly when) the E-drive suffered from a head crash, and the drive was decommissioned. After that the PC on several occasions has claimed it missed an E-drive, despite no programmes (to my knowledge) required the service from such a drive. I have tried to attach the failure message and the cleaner report log, but missed.



      Further I have a 2 TB drive installed to my other video projects.




      To improve the speed with video productions I had ordered the RAM expanded from 4 GB to 8 GB, and it works now. Ultimately I ordered (before the crash) an external drive of 3 TB for back-up purpose - but too late.




      Since we have tried numerous times to install the PRE12 following your instruction. We have stripped the PC for all obsolete files, and still no good result. We have seen the icon for Adobe come up on the desk, but only very briefly the Windows "circle" comes up to signalise that the programme is working. Several times we end up with the massage "Adobe has stopped running", with a message as seen on the attached "nummer.txt".




      My well skilled colleague has installed a virtual machine on my PC, and with little or no trouble it came so far, that PRE12 looked right, but we managed not to connect any external units, so we have not yet proven the correct function.




      Our attempt to follow your instruction should be seen from the attached ".log", including the response we had from the PC. (Please disregard the license claims buried twice in the file).




      By now we have run out of ideas how to get PRE12 to function again. I have a Pinnacle studio 14 on my PC, but I would prefer to run PRE12, as I am more experienced with that. Could you please suggest other means to make PRE12 run on my PC again?




      Sincerely yours Henrik Franck. Copenhagen, Denmark.


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Please note that this is a user-to-user help forum, Henrik. Posting here is NOT the way to contact Adobe.


          You'll need to contact Adobe through customer service at Adobe.com.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Looking at your prior thread history, I have concluded that your thread today is not related to any contact you may have had with Adobe Tech service. Instead it appears to be a continuation of a thread that you created in the Adobe Downloading, Installing, Setting Up Forum (Date April 1, 2015). In this thread the ID kglad attempted to help you with your Premiere Elements 12 issue.

            PRE12 genstart efter nedbrud på E frevet som nu er fjernet

            I believe this is the case since you address your thread today


            Dear Sir/Madam. (kglad)


            I would suggest that you continue in the April 1, 2015 thread to follow up there. You can click on the above link to get there. You are unlikely to gain help with Adobe Chat/Adobe Customer Service which typically supports only the current version. That would be 13; whereas you have 12. Even the Adobe Chat/Customer Service support for 13 is limited and typically limited to activation and orders.


            Please review and consider. As said, this is not Adobe, but user to user. The frequency of the Adobe Staff and PRE_help in the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum is undefined.


            If all else fails, I would be glad for the opportunity to try to evaluate your situation on a user to user basis.


            Best wishes