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    Export to new catalog creates a duplicate of my photos why?


      I want to create a new catalog for some of my photos.

      I started by creating a new catalog called NEWCATALOG

      Then I exported the selected photos to another new catalog called TEMPCATALOG

      I then imported TEMPCATALOG TO NEWCATALOG.

      My problem is that when exporting to TEMPCATALOG Lightroom made a duplicate of all my selected photos (actual original files). Then when I imported TEMPCATALOG to NEWCATALOG Lightroom imported the files but they are now pointed at the Duplicate set of files not the originals.

      Am I doing something wrong.

      I just wish to create a new catalog for some of my photos but keep the catalog linked to the original files.

      Any help would be much appreciated.

      My original catalog has 164,000 photos and Lightroom is very slow.  8GB RAM  IMAC 27" 2013 model. Latest OSX Yosemite.


      Many Thanks for any thoughts or help.