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    Lens-dependent DNG-tags created by DNG converter (CameraCalibration, LensDistortInfo)

    Gerein Level 1



      Looking at a collection of DNG-files created by DNG converter, I find that at least 2 tags added are adding lens-dependent processing information (apart from the obvious lens information/specification tags)

      (1) It adds 2 (identical) "CameraCalibration" matrices, which seemed to be only determined by the lens-information

      (2) It adds a LensDistortInfo


      This surprises me because I would have expected that any lens-correction is only applied during processing (e.g., in LR) but not during the initial DNG-conversion. Also, changing lens-profiles in LR doesn't change these values (I assume the change is instead saved in the history/opcodes?).


      Background is that I'm developing a small special-purpose DNG-converter (using the DNG SDK) and would like to be as close to Adobe's DNG-files as possible.

      (a) Where does the DNG-converter take the information for these tags from? ACR's lcp-files?

      (b) Is there any other information written to the DNGs that's lens-dependent?

      (c) If leaving these out from my DNG-files, will there be any difference in the developed pictures if I apply lens-correction in LR manually?


      Many thanks!