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    Automate File Updating using JavaScript

    joev Level 3

      I have a project that requires updating about 2,000 files with some new OSHA icons and text. Some of the files are various versions of Quark and the others are in ID. I am using CC 2014 on Mac Mavericks.


      I will begin converting the Quark files using Q2ID. Then I am hoping to write and run a JavaScript to place the images and edit the necessary copy.


      2 Questions

      1 - Will a JavaScript run from ID CC 2014 be able to open files from older versions of ID?

      2 - Is there a guide to scripting for ID CC 2014?


      In my web search, I only found ones for older versions. The most recent one I found was for CS 6 InDesign developer documentation | Adobe Developer Connection


      Any other thoughts or suggestions on how to attack this project are appreciated.