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    Printing A3+ on Epson R2880 LR5.7


      Hello everybody, I hope you can prevent hair loss as I am quickly losing mine with this problem.

      I am trying to print on A3+ (483mm x 329mm) and the image showing on the screen in the print module shows an image size of 463mm x 301mm the difference between the 2 being border or non printing area. However when printed, the image is fixed to a corner of the page and refuses to fill the page. The printed image is 396mm x 265mm leaving a border of 73 mm on the right, 50mm on the top.

      I am printing on an Epson R2880 using a MAC (Yosemite) and Lightroom 5.7 . I previously set up a preset with all the required parameters and profile and this produced A3+ prints no problem. Now when I use the profile I get the above result. I have since saved another profile for A3+ by re-entering the various parameters but still get the same result. I think the problem is a conflict or a bad setting on the Epson printer dialogue page but i cannot find out which one. Or maybe I am doing something wrong in Lightroom... The more I look and try the more frustrated and confused I am getting, hence my cry for help.


      Thanks in advance for any help