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    Helpful Advice on Being Helpful

    Pariah Burke Adobe Community Professional

      Here's a helpful piece of advise. When someone asks--here or in another venue--"how do I" do not respond with "why would you want to" or "you shouldn't." None of us knows every thing about any tool or workflow. I've written 6 books on InDesign, authored numerous videos on it, consulted with some the world's biggest brands, co-written InDesign ACE exams, and spoken to standing room only crowds at InDesign conferences, all continuously since InDesign's inception, and I'm the first to say there's always something new to learn about the way people use InDesign. I'm also the first to say that I'm sometimes wrong. Let's all have bit of humility, and then we'll all be more liked and more helpful, and then this will be a better community.

      As the ACP (Adobe Community Professional) badge beneath my name confirms, I'm an InDesign expert helping to build our community. If you want to review my credentials, you'll find me in any book store and at [link removed]