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    Adobe Flash Exporting AVI sound problem HELP


      Hello! I have had a problem with flash CS6 ad my animations. So, I just finished a long animation. I am ready to export and.... When I export with the AVI it exports, and when I click to play the file it loads the animation, and tells me the sound is corrupted and needs to be fixed in order for me to play it. I have a working sound, and I tried everything the website help advice told me to do, and it still doesn't work! So then I try to delete all audio and sound because... I still have the animation and I can add the sound later. Even though I click "Disable sound" the same problem shows up! It's really frustrating to let my work go to waste. And when I export with quick time it is only audio. Can someone help?? I don't want my animations to waste because they take so long to make.