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    tracking to attach an  asset? Cs6

    Netcommercial Level 1

      Hi  All,

      It has been a while since I have attached an asset in AE via Mocha tracking.


      My track is fine exported and tried both info , corner pin, and the other (name eludes, position, rotation, scale)


      I pre comped my tracking info which is on a Solid and Parented that to by Null in the Main Comp. I am not getting the info to

      forward, refer, or whatever AE Does to follow Mocha's track info?

      What am I missing? Can you tell from these grabs? Cs6 version BTW

      good track.JPG

      I tracked Backwards as the asset is going on the roof... It is a pan up establish shot...



      set up last frame.JPG

      mid point.JPG

      Last or start frame (I am working backwards here) My asset is staying put and not tracking to the info...?

      first frame.JPG