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    Macintosh Multiple User Account - No Previews for Second User


      I recently bought a Mac (Yosemite) to replace an aging Windows 7 laptop and am trying to recreate my current setup from the PC to the Mac. My wife and I each have our own user account setup on the Mac (as was the case on the PC) and we want to use a single Catalog file using a shared folder with the picture files themselves stored on a NAS. This worked perfectly on the PC, and from the forums, it should be just as easy on the Mac but it hasn't been (so far). We are using Lightroom 5.7.1 on the Mac.


      I have successfully done the following steps (using input from the forum at some stages):

      1. Copied the Catalog and Preview package/ folder from the windows machine via NAS to the Mac Shared folder.
      2. Went through all files and folders and double checked that they were setup to Read/ Write for both user A and user B (there were a bunch that still showed read-only for the other user, despite being in the Shared parent folder).
      3. Started Lightroom on user A using the newly installed catalog from the PC, and viola, pictures, tags, edits etc all work great with the pictures themselves linking to the files stored on the NAS.
      4. Logged out of user A account and logged into user B account and opened the same shared catalog.

      THE PROBLEM: Doh! The catalog file opens on user B, shows all the photo folders and tags correctly, but instead of picture previews it just shows thousands of grey boxes! Selecting a grey box clearly maps to a file on the NAS, so I know Lightroom has each gray box correctly associated to a picture file, just with no preview.


      Any idea how I can fix this so BOTH user A and user B can fully use Lightroom?