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    Urgent - CHM Child Project Now Showing in Output




      I am trying to create a merged help in RH 11. I am able to add the .chm child project to the master project (see snippet below). However, when I generate the master project, the child does not show. Is there an extra step after adding the .chm file to the master to allow the child to be viewed in the output? If yes, what is that step and how is it done?



      (I should probably add that I have looked at Peter's recommendations re: setting up the merge (Merging WebHelp - RoboHelp 9 and 10). I am not sure, but from reading the instructions I suspect that the step I am missing is generating the .chm file. I am not sure how this is done. If this is indeed the step that I'm missing, please explain how to generate the .chm file after adding it to the master.)