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    bug with ie6 & flash player 9

      i've broke my actionscript down to basics, and my movie will now play in all browsers on both mac and pc, except for
      IE6 and with flash player 9, on winXP service pack2. no errors were reported until the recent release of player 9,
      so i'm only assuming its a bug directly related to the player.

      my script is all on frame 1, i use ExternalInterface to except a string from javascript, i then break up the string into an
      array, and per array item, i run duplicateMovieClip, placing every clip on a seperate level, starting with level 1.
      once duplicateMovieClip places a clip, i set the properties of that clip, for example... load a unique image into the clip,
      and set an onRelease function for that clip. my problem is that once i play the file in a borwser, when clicking on one
      of these clips, to make use of "onRelease", my flash movie seems to lock-up a little, and does not allow me to
      click anythingelse. it will however act on mouse movements, but NOT mouse clicks.

      any ideas ???
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          I have the same problem , however my problem ( I believe ) is related to the usage of arrays and the onLoad command. I have noticed that flash Player 9 on IE 6 & 7 seems to initialize variables differently. Sometimes when I have had problems like you are describing I have been able to resolve them by initializing all functions and variables on frame one and everything else on frame 2. Its not a pretty fix but sometimes it works.