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    removing a reflection from someone's face

    merkk Level 1

      so earlier today a took a picture of someone standing behind glass. I didnt have a polarizing lens on at the time and when the shot was taken, there was a reflection of a black chair leg going down the side of their face. Basically looked like a thin black rectangle ghosted over their cheek.


      i just wanted to know, for something like that, could i use LR to remove it or is that more of a case for photoshop? i tried playing around with the spot removal tool but it didnt really quite come out right. Not sure if that's because I'm a newb with LR or I'm using the wrong tool.

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          SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

          Spot removal is the only tool that could do it, but really, this is job for Photoshop. You could use 'Open as Smart Object in Photoshop' and do the cloning on a new layer using 'Current & Below' as the cloning option. That was you can still edit the underlying file if needs be- You may need to redo the cloning if you do, but it's more versatile than a flat layer.