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    How to cut, or remove a dimension from an extruded 3D Shape layer in AE

    Bobs your uncle Level 1

      Hello everyone,

      As I will be working on a new project for a client from a schematic drawing.

      In the object it will have holes in a diameter sense. As the object will be extruded in its length there is a need to have

      Placement for holes.

      So the end result will be when the object is moving via camera or moving via null you will be able to see through

      These holes to the rest of the scene or background. The same way you would have able to see through the letter " O "

      Another example would be a piece of steel similar to that of a ruler. Long and thin. On the length this is where there would be the open holes.

      Again my thanks to all for past input and support and those in future questions.

      Hope I have given enough info.

      My thanks!


      Builds: Dell Precision M6800's X 2

      Windows 7 Pro 64bit

      OS = SSD

      32 Ram

      Graphics Cards = Nvidia Quadro M4100K