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    Failed Javascript should still open. So you can fix it.

    g.bollmann Level 1

      Javascript failed to load ... then Poof! See ya, wouldn't want to be ya?! Removed from the file list.


      I think even files with failed Javascript should load in EA, with an error report and opportunity to find the error in EA.

      I'm on a wild goose chase to find where exactly the problem is outside of EA. It's disrespectful of my time.

      If EA would open the file, I could scrutinize the symbols, etc. EA could tell me where the problem is.


      At present, I can see it has "something" to do with the timeline or symbols... but what? Even the unminified js file is zero help to me.

      I've tried the file recovery advice from the forum. Really, I just need to see where EA thinks there is an error.


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