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    Play selected movie SWF frame

      Hi all,
      To play the SWF movie in Flex is using SWFLoader. like:
      <mx:SWFLoader id="Load" source="@Embed(source='Local.swf')" height="100" width="350"/>
      I have try to added the button for "play", "pause" And "Stop" below by using "Load.play", "Load.pause" and "Load.stop". but it is not working in this way, can anyone show me how to do it?
      Also if I just want to play the selected frame, like the "Movie.swf" has 12 frames. after use Flex loaded it in but only play frame 3 to frame 9. Is there any command like "gotoAndPlay(3)" or "gotoAndStop(9)". Thanks for the help