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    Action script does not execute

      I have a flash document that displays as a banner on my web site. I have been trying to figure out how to add a button or a menu item to the document. When I follow the Flash Tutorials, there seems to be a discrepancy between what I have on Flash 8 Professional and what the tutorial refers to. In Basic Tasks: Creating a banner, Part 2> Writing simple actions, step 2. says open the Property Inspector (Window > Properties) and find the Instance Name text box in the Property Inspector. All I find is Component and Component Inspector under Window. Properties only opens to Properties, Filters and parameters. If Component Inspector is the same thing, it won't allow me to select it until I select a component. I have selected both button and menu item in different attempts to make this work. I then follow steps 4 through 7 and go on to Test the application.
      When I test the screen and click on or roll over and release the cursor, nothing happens with the button or menu item. It does not branch anywhere. My original flash document still executes....that would be a good thing :<) Is there anyone that knows how to implement this? My default browser is IE7, does that make a difference?