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    Updating tp Lr6 without having uninstalled Lr5


      I only found out that I should have uninstalled Lr5 before updating. I have updated my catalog from Lr5 to Lr6 and am using Lr6 now. Can I simply uninstall Lr5 via Windows Control Panel>Programs and Features? Or do I need to uninstall Lr6, then uninstall Lr5 before re-installing Lr6 again?


      The Help is not very clear on this. This is what it says in the creative-cloud/help/install-apps page:

      "Important: You can have multiple versions of Adobe applications installed at the same time. If you plan to remove a previous version, uninstall the previous version before installing the current version."

      But it does not say what you should do if you have installed Lr6 on top of Lr5.