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    How to change second destination for imported files?


      sstarting with LR 4, I used a second destination to backup my files during importing.  About halfway through LR 5 life span, the second destination suffered a catastrophic failure, and I replaced the drive with a large SSD.  To distinguish it from other drives, I always add SSD  as the tail end of a drive name to distinguish them from regular drives or raid arrays.  In any case, the renaming of the new drive meant I had to change the destination name for the second copy of imported files.  I looked high and low through books and online manuals and could never find the location for an editable version of the second drive location.  I face the same problem in 6, which seems to work like 5 in this area.  This should be drop-dead obvious and simple, but I sure can't find it.  I can get the full panel that should let me edit the locations, but nothing in the panel seems editable, clickable, except the primary destination.


      can someone explain the secret decoder formula for doing this.  Right now I'm reduced to an Automator script that backs up the Lightroom photo drive to the second destination using carbon copy closer, but this seem such an inefficient use of resources.


      thanks for your help.