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    Camera Movement In After Affects Problem. Help/Advice please?


      Hi, I am new to after affects and have come into a problem which I cannot resolve.


      I have imported a background and a also a character to learn camera movements etc. I have put the background into a composition and also the character. I then highlighted both and put into pre comp. Then I go composition settings and do 1280 by 720. Also tried this without doing composition settings, still the camera does not move. Also tried views to get the camera to move but nothing.


      Now this is where the problem begins, when I move the cursor the background moves wherever i take mouse curser. So for example my character is on the left side of my background, I want to move to the right of the background, but instead it moves the actual background with the character. I watched tutorials on adobe tutorial page, and even when the person moves his mouse, say to the left of his scene, the camera moves, but mine does not. If 3D box is suppose to be on already tried that, It is already on active camera also.


      Also even when I go to the camera and go to position or point of interest and move it left and right nothing happens. The camera does not move at all on the background, or the character everything stays same position.



      I don't understand how to fix this been trying for hours. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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          imeilfx Adobe Community Professional

          Ok so... for sure you have to look for some basic courses on Adobe After Effects but for now:

          1. If you have your background and character in composition do you have them as 3D layers?


          2. Did you moved those layers (character and bacground) on Z axes?


          3. If you did those things from above and and you put those layers into precomp - remember to turn on Collapse Transformation on that precomp and turn in 3D layer

          4. Do you have Camera in that composition?


          5. If you are trying to move Camera do you use Selection Tool or Camera Tools?


          If you are doing everything as those point - everything should work correctly - if not that mean that you are doing something wrong or there is something really serious with your AE instal.

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            R.Aman Level 1

            Thanks for the reply. I did the steps you screenshoted me, although the image moves like its going further away and even turns around. The camera still does not move. So as you see at the bottom that's what i have done, but when I move the mouse to the right, the camera should actually move to the right and just show the background and not that image.


            Also as for that camera icon, when i press it on or off still does not work, plus on ur screenshot options come up, mine does not when i click on it. Plus I used the select tool and it still moves the background.


            Also when i put 3D layers on background, it does the same as the image of the hat icon, it moves but I just want the camera to move so it shows just the background then for example the image again by using the timeline, but camera stays still. And yes i did put on collapse transformation,also used select tool and camera option. Also I put the camera in the pre-comp.



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              imeilfx Adobe Community Professional

              Sorry for little delay with my answer but family comes first.
              Hope that you resolved your issue with using camera tool in AE but if not maby i will be able to help you.

              I guess that main reason that your camera doesn't work like you want it to is that you are using not correct tool. You probably using default Unified Camera Tool and you should use Track XY Camera Tool. As I've said before to open list of Camera Tools you have to press longer left mouse button on Camera Icon - if that doesn't work you can use camera keyboard shortcut witch is "C"

              - if you are using different tool or just wish to toggle between all Camera Tools just click "C" on keyboard. To chose Track XY Camera Tool just click "C" on keyboard several times until your cursor changes to cross like symbol - and then try to move it with left mouse button pressed. If I understand you correctly - that should give you a movement that you need.