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    Edge Animations Load Slowly from Muse + Audio

    dezinewiz Level 1

      Hello Adobe Edge Animate Community Forum,


      I hope that this day finds you well.


      I spent about two months designing my website in Adobe Edge Animate, because

      I wanted to add some animation to it.


      I then took this site, and dropped it into Muse, so that I can add SEO.


      Unfortunately, when I published, through Business Catalyst, and tested,

      it loaded up very slowly in a desktop machine, and wouldn't even load

      on a mobile device, thusly, defeating the purpose.


      I thought that it was the audio that I loaded in.  So, I switched the audio

      to load from an offsite server.  It still loaded slowly, and wouldn't

      load properly on a mobile device.


      My question is two fold.


      1) What is "too much" animation?  About how any frames, per web page, should load, before it starts to slow down?


      2)  How can I get audio to load on a mobile device?  I am testing on iOS, and they, apparently, can read .mp3, but, when I tested my web pages,

      I get silence.  This is true from either Edge Animate, or Muse.


      Your advice is greatly appreciated.


      Thank you kindly!




      Daniel L Rappaport

      Director of Creation

      Pazzaria Productions



      P.S.  If you visit my site, you can see how animation would enhance it greatly.