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    Monitor for shooting on the GH4 with DJ Ronin-m needed

    Alexander Eberhard Level 1

      I am looking for a good monitor via HDMI output on my Panasonic GH4. I'd like to use the monitor on a rig and also on the DJI Ronin-m gimbal. It is important to me that resolution is 1280x800, at least 1024 x 728. size 7". Also all vdeo modes FHD as well as 4k shall be working.


      There are quite a lot of products on the market such as high class one such as EIZO, MustHD as well as lower budget solutions such as Seetec, NEWAY, Aputure etc. I'd be very happy about suggestions and user/film maker advises on external monitors for my purpose. How do lower budget products perform such as Seetec?


      Thank you in advance.