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    My projects got deleted by my co-owner?


      I run a project called "Infinite Vietnam" - www.be.net/8vietnam, recently 2 out of 3 projects, "01 - Vietbird" and "02 - Power Pole" suddenly disappear (1 of them got 2 features from Served Site), I contacted Behance CS but they were unable to track down who or how the project gone, I asked my fellow co-owners but none of them did it. Now there is nothing else I can do but to upload them, but is there anyway I can prevent accidental / intentional deletion by others from happened again? Is there any admin options available to control who can view and edit, or just co-owned but read only? Because if such features aren't existing on Behance, that will happen from time to time and I'll be very hesitate to continue posting any other collaborative project from here on



      Hope to learn some solutions for this matter from our great community.

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          SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)



          Thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, when you co-own a project, you're sharing all editing rights equally amongst co-owners, so if a co-owner deletes a project that you also own, that is permanent. I would suggest that you only share with people you trust and use this feature knowing that you're giving up partial control over your project. Please note that you can also use the 'credit' option to give credit to other people, but this won't share any editing rights.


          Sorry about that - let us know if anything else comes up.