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    Scrollbar issues

    John MR Level 1
      I am building a project that includes a form for users to fill out. This form will run deeper than the screen, so I am trying to use a scrollbar component to scroll thru the whole form. I am using a sample I found in the Flash 8 bible (with a few small modifications). Basically, I've put the contents of the form into a movieclip (mcHolder), control the size of the visible portion of the mcHolder with an instance of the Rectangle class, and then scroll the movieclip inside that Rectangle with the scrollbar component. I am having some problems I'm wondering if anyone could help with:

      * the placement of the scrollbar - obviously should be to the right of the form - now coming up kind of in the middle
      * the form itself doesn't seem to be bounded the size of the rectangle I've created - when you try to scroll it runs the form off the stage
      * there is content in the movieclip (the stuff below the bottom of the Rectangle) that doesn't show up, even when you scroll down
      * The fields in the movieclip are input fields, but they are not active when you click on them

      Here is a URL to this as a .swf:

      Click on the "new project" button to see what I am talking about. I've also attached the actionscript that I am using to set the rectangle and attach the scrollbar below.

      Any help on these problems greatly appreciated.